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The increasing level of insecurity in our World poses great challenges for the survival of governments, businesses, organizations and persons. The economic down turn in many countries is largely attributed to security issues plaguing our world today. It has therefore become increasingly difficult to do business successfully in the midst of these daunting security challenges. Securing an enterprise from these risks has become a high priority and great task for many chief executives, individuals, government etc. In dealing with challenges therefore, individuals, organizations, governments, etc. need security support and services.

Security Officers

We provide highly trained and disciplined security officers deployed at client’s sites to manage security issues. Our Professional Security Officers services employs appropriate combination of the best security manpower, policy and technology to deliver high professional security service.

Protocol Service

We provide sundry Protocol and immigration assistance Services to our clients such as Round the clock VIP Protection, Executive Driving Services and secured travel, Airport Protocol Services, etc

Technical Security

We integrate electronic security technology in business operations to resolve security challenges. We provide expert advice on the design, procurement, installation, management and maintenance of wide variety of hi-tech security systems and apparatus.

Incident Investigation

We conduct investigations and manage incidents of misconduct, criminal breaches and behaviour, security incidents or significant regulatory failings. We work with investigators with substantial experience in complex investigations in law enforcement, forensic accountancy, IT, anti-money laundering and financial regulation.

Executive Protection

We provide close protection services to company’s executives, families, private individuals and high net worth clients. Employing our local knowledge, we match our services to the threat posed, and provide the reassurance our clients need to carry out their business with confidence.

Event Security

We provides security for a variety of events such as: Annual General Meetings (AGM), Sport activities, Product launch promotion, Corporate functions, etc.

Security Training and Development

By the best security practices and modern training methodology, we deliver training to Participants at most suitable time and venue. We deliver a wide range of training courses including the following: Professional Security Officer Induction training, Security Personnel Refresher training, Security awareness training, etc.

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