Our strategy in crisis management is thorough understanding of the specific and unique threats and risks to our client. Our staffs have expertise to manage the complexities of many crisis issues such as fraud, terrorism, pandemics, hijack, kidnap and extortion, malicious product contamination, data loss, etc.

Employing our Strategic Risk Assessment Model, we undertake comprehensive risk assessments to help clients understand their vulnerabilities and develop necessary strategies to mitigate these risks. Our services cover the following security themes:

      • Crisis and emergency response system management
      • Crisis and emergency management planning and training
      • Crisis response management support
      • Business continuity support.
      • Contingency planning
      • Evacuation and relocation planning and management
      • Threat assessment and management support
      • Specific Threat awareness analysis and intelligence
      • Emergency alert systems management
      • Armed response Protocol
      • Armed escort for high risk assets and personnel

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