We provide deploy trained and disciplined security officers to client’s sites to manage security issues. Our Professional Security Officers portfolio employs appropriate combination of the best security manpower, policy, and technology to deliver high professional security services.

We are committed to ensure continuous improvement on security performance and satisfactory service delivery. We do provide Customized security services to meet client’s needs and requirement.

We provide security for a variety of events such as: Annual General Meetings (AGM), Sport activities, Product launch promotion, Corporate functions, etc.

We deploy Experienced Security Consultants at point of contact, to receive expected clients and ensure that they arrive safely at the specified destination.

We provide details of the security consultant assigned, together with pick-up protocols to clients before departure. This helps to provide good coordination of operation, avoid confusion, and reduces the risk of falling victim of opportunist criminals and enhances effective service delivery.

We conduct route analysis prior to commencement of operation to ensure that there will be no unexpected problems, delays or unnecessary route changes and guarantee satisfactory protocol service. We deploy a consultant at the departure location to provide intelligence and have a hands-on the developing situation. We provide;

  • Airport Protocol Services
  • Assistance to our client through the check-in process for international and Domestic departure
  • Sundry Protocol Services.
  • Immigration assistance.

Virtual Risk Managers provide sundry Protocol and immigration assistance Services to our clients such as:

  • Round the clock VIP Protection
  • Executive Driving Services and secured travel.
  • Airport Protocol Services
  • Passenger’s check in process for International and Domestic departures.
  • Regularization of stay permit for new expatriates
  • Renewal of expatriates quota position
  • Visa extension for business visitors
  • Temporary work permit (TWP) for business visitors
  • Emergency visa for urgent expatriate visitor
  • Immigration monthly quota returns
  • International passport for staff

We provide close protection services to executives, families, private individuals, and high net worth individuals. Employing our local knowledge, we match our services to the threat posed and reassure our clients, the need to carry out their business with confidence.

Our Executive Protection Officers are trained and typically have a background in the military, Mobile Police Force, and other law enforcement corps. Our Service includes:

  • Venue and Site surveys
  • Physical Protection
  • Journey Management
  • Travel Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Security advice, liaison and co-ordination

We conduct investigations and manage incidents of misconduct, criminal breaches and behaviour, security incidents or significant regulatory failings.

Included in our investigative teams also are experienced forensic experts who work with clients to extract crucial evidence from large volumes of financial information and data, allowing an investigation to focus quickly on the key issues. Our portfolio of investigation services includes:

  • Incident Investigation and Management
  • Crime Analysis and Prevention
  • Personnel Investigation
  • Non-Criminal/Criminal Investigation
  • Asset Tracking and Recovery
  • Liaison with Government security agents in incident investigation and management.
  • Management of Incident prevention and resolution Intervention Strategy
  • Lifestyle and Financial investigation

Virtual Risk Managers employ integration of Electronic security technology in business operations to resolve security challenges. We provide expert advice on the design, procurement, installation, management, and maintenance of a wide variety of hi-tech security systems and apparatus. Our products and services include but are not limited to:

  • Access Control and Identification Systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Intrusion Detectors
  • Time Management Systems
  • Local and remote monitoring
  • Alarm response
  • Electronic Imaging
  • Fire protection systems

Our strategy in Crisis Management is a thorough understanding of the specific and unique threats and risks to our client. Our staffs have ability to manage complexities of many crisis issues such as fraud, terrorism, pandemics, hijack, kidnap and extortion, malicious product contamination, data loss, etc.

Employing our Strategic Risk Assessment Model, we undertake comprehensive risk assessments to help clients understand their vulnerabilities and develop necessary strategies to mitigate these risks. Our services cover the following security themes:

  • Crisis and emergency response system management
  • Crisis and emergency planning and training
  • Crisis Response Support
  • Business continuity support
  • Contingency planning
  • Threat assessment and management
  • Emergency Alert Systems
  • Armed response Protocol
  • Specific Threat awareness analysis and intelligence
  • Evacuation and relocation planning and management

Virtual Risk Managers works with clients to maintain the integrity of their brands. We offer preventive and responsive brand protection services in the following security themes:

  • Investigations – Including market surveys, overt and discreet investigations
  • Intellectual property (IP) security audits – In-depth reviews of external suppliers’ policies, procedures and physical security
  • Supplier due diligence – Examining companies and key individuals to whom the brand is entrusted Supply chain security

By best security practices and modern training methods, we deliver training to Participants at most suitable time and venue. We deliver a range of training courses, including the following:

  • Security Officer Induction training
  • Security Personnel Refresher training
  • Security Awareness training
  • Security Manpower development
  • Security Risk management training
  • High Risk zone Survival Security Training
  • Kidnap, Terrorism, Hostage Taking survival, etc.

VIRTUAL Ltd works with clients to enhance their understanding and management of their security risks challenges. Our security risk management consultancy service includes:

  • Security Risk assessment and survey
  • Security reviews and audit
  • Operational security consulting
  • Design and Implementation of security system and programme
  • Organizational Resilience and Business continuity Management
  • Strategic security intelligence and consultancy

VIRTUAL RISK recruits from among the best industry professionals and brings a powerful combination of knowledge and expertise to your business.

Our embedded expert staff services involve, deployment of a project security manager/analyst for: Security Project Management, In-house Security Management, Recruitment and Training of Professional security staff.

Our information security service helps client to create an integrated and comprehensive best-practice-driven approach to information security challenges. Our information security framework covers the under listed core security themes:

  • Application security
  • Physical security
  • Personnel security
  • Business continuity
  • Threat mitigation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Privacy and intellectual property protection
  • Transaction and data integrity
  • Identity and access management

We offer support for the effective management of Client’s fleet to reduce business interruption incidents in Client’s distribution chain. We offer traffic reports, road traffic accident management and measures, to ensure security of assets on transit against terrorism, kidnapping, hijacking, pilfering, theft and other road hazards.

We work in close collaboration with the law enforcement agents on behalf of our clients to ensure hitch-free distribution system in their supply chain.

We also specialize in logistic security management. We manage your security challenges along your logistic chain to ensure hitch-free delivery of your products and assets at your distribution nodes. We also recruit and manage fleet drivers for clients.

We train drivers on defensive and other driving techniques to provide satisfactory service to clients. Training of drivers are carried out with the relevant road and vehicle management authorities and institutes for better quality service output. We provide indemnity for the risk arising from poor driving conducts and losses to clients.

With increasing scope and complexity of maritime industry. We provide efficient maritime services with our dedicated team of security consultants, and network of experienced maritime and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) qualified professionals.

We operate in full compliance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. Our services include:

  • Maritime security research and analysis
  • Risk planning
  • Reinforcing assets
  • Offshore protection
  • Counter-piracy operations
  • Piracy, hijack and Kidnap response consultancy
  • Port Operation services including inland port and cargo container tracking

Virtual Risk Managers provides world-class security support and services to keep international travellers and cargoes safe. We offer a broad range of solutions which includes;

  • 24/7 information and analysis of travel
  • Training and planning of travel
  • Monitoring and tracking of travel
  • Comprehensive travel risk management
  • Risk assessment and planning
  • Security information and advice
  • Aviation security research and analysis
  • Airport security operations and management
  • Aircraft protection operation
  • Baggage screening operation
  • Incident Investigation and management
  • Aviation Risk assessment and management
  • Hijack and Kidnap response consultancy